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To Our White Allies

I see you. I give thanks for your life and for your voice...

As many people join the fight against white supremacy for the first time, having your eyes opened to racial injustice and the ills of systemic racism and white supremacy, you may not know where to begin or what to do or say. 

I give glory to God as He continues to use me to shine light on our blind spots and to continue being light and showing people the way when it all becomes overwhelming and paralyzing. We cannot waste any more time walking in fear, comfortable in our ignorance.

• Do know that as you continue to grow and share your heart and newfound knowledge/understanding, you will receive backlash and will likely be accused of being divisive.  • When this happens, kindly remind people that if anything you say offends others/them, then they are likely in need of a heart check.  • Encourage people to turn inward and acknowledge/address WHY they are offended.  • Protect your peace by only engaging with people who show a true desire to learn and grow with you.  • Be willing to be uncomfortable and even lose friends as you find your voice. • And NEVER EVER allow anyone to cause you to cower in fear.  Remember, you can’t save them all. Just like it took you time to “get it” or even WANT to get it (understanding), everyone has their own journey to enlightenment.

I'll be working to build a list of resources to help mature our thinking around racism and social justice and empower us to hold conversations that will lead to action steps that we can take individually and collectively.

Every soldier in war has their own role to play. Gain knowledge, find your voice, take your position and fight for humanity.

I pray you be well and that God cover you and your family and property today and always.

In Jesus' name, Amen.


First I encourage you to visit the Black Lives Matter website to get a CLEAR understanding of their purpose and mission. We fear what we do not know due to ignorance.

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