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As we begin this next quarter and new season, I figured I'd start fresh with an introductory poem being that it is the first day of National Poetry Month!

Trinity was written in 2015, months after the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. For years prior, I'd found myself struggling with remaining in the same faith as people who have maintained racist systems, and even used the Word of our faith to justify the enslavement and oppression of my people and other non-white Americans.

Through anger, rage and burning tears, I asked God, "how could I remain in a faith led by people who refuse to acknowledge oppressive, racist systems?"

God spoke ever so gently to me, reminding me that, "you have come to know Me for yourself..." and that I have experienced the Truth of God in my own life - time and time again.

"People have, and will, always use the Bible to justify their own desires, evils and sin, but you have known and do know the Truth..." - God, to me

I will not ask for forgiveness for embracing my Blackness

I will not put it up on a shelf for you to gaze up on as a novelty

Acknowledging it only when you need to feel entertained, or protected by my "Black girl sass"

Deep within my melanin is grace beyond measure

My blackness, used against me for so long that the beatings nearly broke me

I won't apologize for owning my femininity

I am Mother Earth, as I was created by the Creator to bring forth life anew

My hands, loving and nurturing, cradling hearts that have been broken

My smile, the sun, replenishing each seed sown into this cold and dark world

I'm not sorry for my spirituality

I am a Believer

I am a Lover

I be the Light, as Christ's Light shines from within

Made perfect by His Love

Sinner, yet righteous through He who created this



In this flesh


Born of spirit,

Reborn by the Spirit

I am a trilogy

My story three-fold

I am a deity

Made in the image of The Trinity



Holy Spirit

Alive within me for the world to see

I will not beg your pardon for loving all of humanity

I will love as God loves me

Spreading peace, love and light

Divinity alive in threes

Nina Brewton, 2015



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