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The Power of Prayer - My Heart

Originally posted to Facebook May 7, 2020

Today is National Day of Prayer in the Christian community. It is the time of year that Believers throughout our nation seek to collectively come together on one accord and pray.

We pray for our families, our communities, our nation, our leaders...

I have been taught that our Words have power. That, "the power of life and death are in the tongue." I have seen evidence of this truth throughout my entire life, coming to know it ever more as I grow in the things of God, by His grace and guiding of His Spirit.

I have been taught that if an ailment has a name, we have the power to cast it down, in the name of Jesus.

“Fear” is a name.

“Cancer” is a name.

“Depression” is a name.

“Poverty” is a name.

“Adultery” is a name.

Every sickness has a name and I have been in rooms with people who have prayed fervently, even feverishly, calling the name of every ill that presses on their hearts as it presses on the heart God.

So, on this National Day of Prayer, I ask that you join me in prayer regarding a few of the things that press on my heart and the hearts of so many Believers who live on the same side of these realities as me and ultimately, the heart of God.

Call these evils, BY NAME, as we come together to the Throne of God in reverence by His grace and walk in His POWER in this earth.

As you're calling these ailments by name, pray that:

God will show you the ways you can do the WORK to tear down this evil system to the glory of God and the establishing of His Kingdom on earth. “Faith without WORKS is dead."

He gives you the wisdom and the courage to use your voice to tear down these walls of hatred and injustice.

He reveals to you any biases that are in your heart or blind spots in your per view that may keep you from acknowledging the plights and lives of those oppressed by these systems.

Pray that He uses you as a means of impacting the world for His glory in new ways - from the smallest to the greatest, all to His glory!


White Supremacy

White Privilege

Idolatry – Nationalism

Corruption and evil in our political, financial, educational and judicial/penal systems

Please click on the link to learn more about White supremacy as a “condition, culture and construct.”

We will be praying with our church family at 7pm and hope that you will join us – not only today, but ALWAYS.


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