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The Art of War

Updated: Jan 23

In war, everyone has their part to play in a common mission.

Some go to the front lines... Some create the strategies... Some provide resources, either personally or through organizations (please research before dropping your coin on just anyone)...

Some provide administrative support... Some even stay home to continue raising the families of those on the frontline... Some educate the public about the cause...

Some are not ready for battle at all and spend time preparing their hearts (prayer) and minds (education), learning what action looks like for them, and how to go about doing their part. Some are intercessors, providing a spiritual covering for those on the frontline and so much more.

Every one plays *their* part.

I encourage you, DO NOT let ANYONE condemn you for the way YOU fight in this war against injustice and the tearing down of this system of white supremacy.

There is more than one path to bring about the change we seek in this fight we fight. Condemning others for not moving the way you move is counterproductive. #HeartCheck

Above all, even those who feel they’ve been called to the frontlines, know your personal WHY. Emotion is not enough to win these battles and ultimately, this war.

Know, before you hit the streets, what you’re willing to risk in this war. As we’ve seen, the police are not “playing fair” or even according to the rules of actual combat because they’ve never been trained for actual combat.

Ask yourself: Is my family prepared to cover legal, or even funeral costs? Is my family prepared to carry the burden of my decision should the worst happen?

Have you provided them with the names and information of organizations providing legal aid during this time?

If there’s a curfew in your city, take that time to rest, refuel, decompress (if you can) and STRATEGIZE.

We’ve got this. Let’s continue shining this light in the world.

I pray, ALL to the glory of God in Christ Jesus.



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