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I (Don't) Have COVID-19...

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The best advice I’ve heard since the beginning of this season of social distancing is to behave as if YOU have Coronavirus and are determined to not spread it.

This is good thinking for multiple reasons but here are two I will try to express the best I can:

1) Best practices will always serve us first. When we behave as if we are contagious but asymptomatic, we’re more likely move with greater intention, looking to not negatively impact the lives of those we know and love (as well as strangers we may encounter when we must go out). This self-centric view can help us be more honest about what is truly essential to our lives and allow us to move as such.

2) this perspective helps take fear out of the equation. We can only control our own actions and behaviors so if, for example, I have to go to the store for our weekly grocery run, I’m dressed and geared up to not negatively impact OTHERS instead of adding stress to the trip by worrying about catching it myself.

I go in, I remain socially distant with others in mind, I get what I need and I get out/go home.

3) we could really have it and not show symptoms.

My tribe and extended family runs DEEP here in VA. I have people I would LOVE to see and hug on and love on and just be with. We all do, but I would die (or at least want to) if it happened that I got sick and the lives of my tribe were affected by my carelessness.

This is just one way to shift our own thinking and impact the culture around this “new normal” we’ve found ourselves in. If you ever wanted to be selfish about something, now’s your time to shine! Haha!

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