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Vision for a New Year

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

I recently came across a FB post (a couple actually) where a sister provided an "unpopular opinion" regarding vision boards for goal setting. She admitted that vision boards do nothing for her, even as a visual person and a creative, but does feel it can provide a "big picture" for our vision for the year.

I applauded her for her honesty and agreed that this type of revelation helps us recognize what’s NOT WORKING!? If we’re making vision boards year after year with no results... Been there. Done that.

I personally enjoy the vision board because I enjoy collaging (not scrapbooking It’s the only visual art I create.



The real work happens in my planner - by month, then weeks and days. Lists, bullet points (and now Trello) help to keep it all organized and I maintain the vision with Morning Pages and streams of consciousness...

I have a group of sisters I work with as accountability partners week to week. The group is small and intentional and even within that group, I have found myself being held accountable by different sisters at different times regarding varying projects/tasks.

At the top of 2019, I settled on a small vision board after going big for years, seeking to fill a full piece of poster board and never even completing the board?! Imagine the energy I took into the new year with this incomplete vision hanging out in the corner of our home office...

*smacks forehead*

Most importantly, find what works for you, be diligent in that and course correct as needed!


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