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Dear White People

A little Light Work to assist you on this journey…

CHECK your biases and privilege, both conscious and unconscious...

Yesterday, a white woman in Central Park called the police on a Black man, and LIED, accusing him of threatening her because he asked her to put her dog on a leash. Asking her to adhere to common courtesy AND an actual law in most places.

In the same day, I’m seeing that a police officer in Minneapolis MURDERED a Black man by placing his KNEE into the man’s neck until no more life remained in his body...

“But Nina...what about Black on Black crime”.


1) There’s no such thing. So let’s just get over that. Crime *generally* occurs amongst people who are within close proximity of each other. The term “Black on Black Crime” was LITERALLY created to support the narrative that people of color are inherently violent.

We’re not. No more than you and your racist cousins...uncles, aunt Karen or even your parents.

2) WHEN crime occurs at the hands of Black citizens, there is NO DOUBT that the person is being arrested. ESPECIALLY when that crime is against a European-American.

When it comes to white assailants, or persons behaving disorderly and/or drunk in public or committing actual acts of terrorism, they are covered with a GRACE like no other - be it by public opinion or even by “blue lives” themselves. Cops, especially white cops, never feel “threatened” by people who look like them.

Since we’re here: THERE ARE NO BLUE LIVES .

People in law enforcement are not BORN blue. WEARING blue is a career choice.

And so you know, if you care to know, that #BlueLivesMatter sticker on your car/truck may as well be a confederate flag. The same racist spirit is behind both.

And if you REALLY wanna get real, even as a veteran, the American flag itself gives me and many people of color that same sting.


Because we’ve come to learn, and see evidence of this idolatry DAILY, knowing that in MANY cases, the people waving the three images DO NOT see people of color as fully human and DO NOT believe that #AllLivesMatter.

(Originally posted on Facebook, May 5, 2020)

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